Business Process Outsourcing


The ability to analyze, evaluate and remodel operational processes with a view to greater efficiency and therefore cost optimization, but without losing sight of the fundamental need to offer the end customer a high level Customer Experience, is one of the main values ​​of the Forcontact offer.

Forcontact therefore represents a qualified partner for those companies that are interested in outsourcing those operational processes related to activities that require constant monitoring or which are characterized by large seasonal fluctuations.

Demand a reliable partner for the processes’ management that if managed in the company would require a large amount of resources and often not constantly, allows you to focus on your core business and optimize costs.

Forcontact is able to manage, with qualified multilingual staff, processes such as:

  • Managing and updating of the product catalog;
  • Back office activities related to the e-commerce world;
  • Credit collection (Phone collection);
  • Order processing;
  • Data entry;
  • Payroll, billing and accounting processing;
  • Digitization of documents;
  • And much more …

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