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We take care of your customers

It doesn’t matter where your customers are or what language they speak. Every day we assist thousands of customers on behalf of dozens of international companies, operating in the most varied sectors: e-commerce, fashion, luxury goods, accessories, automotive, electronics, IT, financial services, etc.

Thanks to our multi-lingual and multi-channel Contact Centers, operating 24 hours a day, we offer an effective and efficient Customer Service able to guarantee your Customers a unique and personalized experience that gives value to your brand.


Our Services

Customer Service and Business Process Outsourcing more than 20 languages


Our numbers…

Handled languages
24/7 Active Services
Operating sites in Europe
Million contacts managed annually

Areas of expertise

Fashion & e-Commerce

Over 50 online stores have chosen our Customer Service. We are highly specialized in the field of Fashion Luxury and high-end consumer goods, where we offer services aimed at maximizing the Customer Experience, placing the Customer at the center of attention and supporting it through all the points of contact with the Brand. We handle all the problems inherent to customer requests, product info, order management, returns, refunds and tracking of shipments.

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Community Management

We listen and manage customer feedback through different channels with the aim of measuring and increasing the level of brand advocacy, ie our goal is to ensure a positive experience of the brand by the customer such that it can promote the brand itself in the scope of its reference community. We obtain this by managing the relationship with the customer, on behalf of the brand, through the main social channels: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

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Information Technology

We provide first level technical assistance for applications and IT systems. Our agents with specific IT skills and technical sectors in general, assist users by using remote assistance systems and predefined analysis schemes agreed with the company. This approach primarily allows us to handle a high percentage of requests, assigning to the second level only the most complex problems or that require intervention on the systems.

Success stories

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