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Forcontact was founded in 2008 in Switzerland, in the Canton of Ticino, as a private capital company. Right from the start, it was characterized by its focus on technology and IT systems. In particular, the focus is on systems based on voice transmission technology on the Internet protocol (Voice Over IP) and on customer relationship management systems (CRM Systems) as well as on systems for managing and tracking customer requests ( Trouble Ticketing Systems).

In order to make the best use of the available technologies, the various Customer Relationship Management services were gradually developed, in particular: Customer Assistance and Help Desk services in the B2C and B2B area, Remote Secretariat Service, Assistance Services customers pre-selling and post-selling.

In no time, Forcontact established itself on the Swiss and international market, being that its services were of great interest for all of the companies that wanted a professional approach to managing the relationship with their customers, also through the use of IT tools that allowed to maximize the efficiency and quality of service. This aspect, combined with an excellent organizational capacity, allowed Forcontact to express itself best in managing large volumes of contacts, demonstrating, at the same time, high flexibility to cope with the frequent large variability of these volumes, a phenomenon that very often companies had difficulty managing with their internal resources.

In 2010 Forcontact opened its first operational structure abroad, in Tirana, Albania. The new structure allows even better to meet the needs of the market, in terms of monitoring in increasingly extended times and in more and more numerous languages, all trying to generate an advantage for its own customers, even in terms of costs of its services .

Forcontact therefore initiates a more and more advanced specialization process in the e-commerce sector and its outsourcing services in the Customer Service field, becoming a point of reference for this market, particularly in the fashion and luxury goods sector, where it manages to combine its operational capabilities and organizational flexibility with an excellent quality management of the service, contributing to the improvement of the Customer Experience of the online shop and in general of the represented brand.

Today Forcontact provides its services through 5 operating structures in Switzerland and abroad, with over 400 employees, from which it manages the Customer Service for dozens of prestigious brands in the field of e-commerce, in over 15 languages, 24 hours a day and through all contact channels: telephone, e-mail, live-chat and social.


Case Histories

For confidentiality reasons, we can not publish the names of our client companies. Click on the links below to request the Case History of the sector you are interested in.


ISO 9001: 2015 – Certification of Quality Management Systems.

It is the foundation for the constant control and improvement of the company organization of processes and structures.

EN 15838: 2009 – Quality Management System for Customer Contact Centers.

EN15838 Certified Contact Centers provide optimal service and are able to respond effectively and sustainably to the different needs and interests of both customer groups (customer and end customer).

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