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Tools and technologies

The technological vocation of Forcontact is present in all services and is one of the main added values. For all its services, Forcontact is therefore able to support companies with the most appropriate and advanced tools such as:

  • Trouble Ticketing platform for the management and tracking of all requests managed by the Customer Service

  • Multi-channel contact management systems that allow you to communicate with the customer through different channels in an integrated way, such as telephone, email, chat, video-chat, social, etc

  • Analysis and segmentation of the web audience that allows to customize the approach of the Customer Service Agent according to the type of clientele with whom it interacts

  • CRM systems for recording customer data and setting up specific marketing campaigns

  • Automatic vocal tree systems (IVR) that allow the management of Customer Service in fully automated or mixed mode, with operator intervention on request

  • Integrated systems for measuring customer satisfaction and determining the Net Promoter Score (NPS).


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